Congress Programme Day 03

Day 03 - 26th November
Start Time End Time Item Details / Topic Speakers
8:00 8:20 Plenary 15 A-Z of intercostal tubes Dr Saman Iddagoda
8:20 8:40 Plenary 16 Role of  laparoscopy in management of rectal prolapse Professor Jim Khan 
8:40 9:00 Plenary 17 Clinical decision-making in contemporary surgery using a cancer model Dr Kanishka De Silva
9:00 9:45 Symposium 11 Maximum through minimum
      Why we need Robotics in colorectal surgery? Professor C R Selvasekar
      Percutaneous renal stone management Dr Kanchana Edirisinghe
      Thoracoscopic diapragmatic hernia repair: Towards excellence Dr Janath Liyanage
9:45 10:45 Dr Noel Bartholomeusz Memorial Oration A preliminary examination of global military and civilian trauma system integration Dr Amila Ratnayake
10:45 11:15 Tea
11:15 12:00 Symposium 12 Urolithiasis - Best of care ‘22*
      Understanding urolithiasis Dr Munipriya Willaraarachchi
      High Tech stone surgery Dr Nishantha Liyanapathirana
      Miniaturisation of PNL Dr Kalana Parana Palliya Guruge
      Is open stone surgery obsolete? Dr Thaha M Musthafa
12:00 13:00 Symposium 13 Spinal injury overview and management strategies for general Surgeons
      Mechanism, Anatomy and Pathophysiology of Spinal cord Injury; Interpretation of signs and symptoms Dr Saman Pushpakumara
      Cervical spinal cord injury management and outcome Dr Surath Munasingha
      Cervical spine protection and airway management and transprotation of spinal injury patient  Dr Bimal Kudavidange
      Thoracic and lumber spinal cord injury management and outcome  Dr Jagath Kumara Rathugamage
      Make impossible to possible Rehabilitation for spinal cord injury patient Dr Duminda Munidasa
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:15 Symposium 14 Contentious issues in thyroidectomy – Expert Views (Pearls of wisdom)
      The Identification and Preservation of Nerves Professor Rajeev Parameswaran
      The Identification and Preservation of Parathyroids/ Autotransplantation Professor Amit Agarwal
      Dealing with recurrent goitres and retrosternal extension Dr Kithsiri Senanayake
      The incision, drainage of thyroid bed & cosmetic issues Professor Ranil Fernando
15:15 16:00 Symposium 15 Case-based discussion - Hilar Cholangio Carcinoma Dr P Jagannath
      Professor Krishnakumar Madhavan
      Mr Hassan Malik
      Dr Nilesh Fernandopulle
16:00 16:10 Closing Remarks
16:10 16:20 Tea

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